New Investment by massımo

Dolce Vita’s new plant to be opened in İzmir to start production soon.

Announcing their business expansion by way of franchising network some time ago, Dolce Vita Halı goes full steam with its investments despite the notorious pandemic circumstances.  Saying that a plant would be founded for the brand, ‘Massimo’ in İzmir, Metin Taşkıran, the Chairman at Dolce Vita Halı, added that Dolce Vita continued investments to serve the sector despite the economic crisis caused by the current pandemic. “We are planning to open the plant we’ve been establishing in Işıkkent, İzmir in a month. We are dealing with final preparations. Upon completion of prerequisites and installation processes of mills, we will step on the gas paddle for the production.”

First franchising dealership granted

Taşkıran, who stated at a launch event they organized some time ago that they would be the first company at the carpet sector which would go for franchising, adding that the very first franchising store of Massimo had been opened in Alsancak, İzmir. “In that store, which brings together the core trends, customized, bespoke carpet designs will be put in display. Additionally, projects will be further valued by enriching through professional architectural support. I would like to express my humble gratitude to Sadık Serhat ŞENBAŞ, who assumed the role of Turkey’s first exclusive franchising store out there at Massimo / Alsancak store.”


One more store In Istanbul

Dolce Vita, which is planning to open a new store in Istanbul, will totally have 3 stores in Istanbul. Metin Taşkıran, the Chairman of the Board at Dolce Vita Halı added that they would operate in a ​​600 sqm area within Masko Furniture Complex. “We are opening our third store in Istanbul. It will start operation at the end of June. Along with the presentation of large size carpets on one floor, the store of Dolce Vita Halı / Masko Furniture Complex will also have another floor which will offer professional interior architect support for customized designs regarding the brand, Massimo.”