pecialized in the carpet business for more than 35 years, Taşkiran Family is well known in the industry with Dolce Vita brand offered a new brand to Turkey. Stating that they would be exhibiting their new brand Massimo at Domotex Gaziantep, Metin Taşkıran, Dolce Vita Carpet Board Chairman said that they aimed at presenting the models and collections of the brands in the best possible way.

-First of all, could you inform us about your new brand Massimo? Can you tell us the launching purpose of this brand and its difference from other brands?

Massimo was established to take its place among the brands we define as “Luxury Brands” in the world. The product line is made only with natural yarns with an aim to build up a world brand as a first from Turkey with Premium and Custom Made carpets. Unlike other domestic brands, our brand is the first in its class in Turkey by producing from natural materials such as Tencel, viscon, bamboo, wool for the luxury segment of the jet, yachts, hotels and houses in the special patterns and special sizes.

-How much investment did you make for your new brand? What's in Dolce Vita collections of 2019?

We’ve made the highest investment Massimo to compose a global brand in Turkey and worldwide. We made a wide range of products including design not only from Turkey but also from India and Egypt. In designing these collections, we have enhanced our collections in many different styles such as modern, classic, vintage, art deco by taking into usage habits and being customer-oriented.

-You are an active company in online sales and social media usage. How much of your sales in the domestic market are made online?

Today, social media is the most important channel for expressing themselves of brands. Being aware of this fact, we do product promotions for young, social responsibility projects and occasional gift draws. We also transfer most of our advertising to the social media. We use online sales in the domestic market to improve our brand awareness, not for profit. Our first priority in this issue is to protect our dealers from the low price danger on the internet.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We make a great investment in branding and exports to contribute to the national economy at a time when our country is currently in economic trouble. We promise to work harder for our country with the awareness that our salvation as a country passes through composing Turkish brands in the world.